Henry Blevin



Age: 30
Apparent Age: 30
Date of Birth: 1840
Place of Birth: London
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: blue
Race: caucasian
Nationality: British
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 195lb.
Sex: male
Henry is extremely attractive, which is a contributing factor to Helena choosing him as her Retainer. He is classically chiseled and very refined in his wardrobe taste. He feels most comfortable in a uniform but will dress up or down accordingly. Henry is a very direct man. His time is precious and important. And most of that time is devoted to Helena’s well-being.

Henry Belvin
Henry’s life began as an orphan at St. Brutus’ School for children. He was left behind by his parents, who traveled to the Americas to find fortune and stability. Henry didn’t fit into their plans and was left behind. The Headmaster of the school was a strict and loving woman named Penelope Clairboure. She and the staff raised Henry, until his 15th birthday. He joined the Royal Navy and set out to make his mark on the world.
The British Royal Navy
The Napoleonic Wars left Great Britain the most powerful naval country in the world, with no meaningful rivals. The country’s economic and strategic strength was buttressed by the fleet; localized military action was a staple of the not-entirely-peaceful “Pax Britannica”. In addition, the threat of naval force was a significant factor in diplomacy. The navy was not idle however; the 19th century witnessed a series of transformations that turned the old wooden sailing navy into one of steam and steel. Henry was assigned to the Royal Albert (1857,) which was a 121 gun three-decker ship of the Royal Navy launched in 1854 at Woolwich Dockyard. She had originally been designed as a sailing ship but was converted to screw propulsion while still under construction. From 14 February 1855 to April 1857 she was commanded by Captain William Robert Minds as flagship to Rear-Admiral Edmund Lyons commanding the Mediterranean fleet, then chiefly concerned with the Crimean War, which Henry gained recognition for demonstrating many acts of valor and selflessness.
One Starry Night at Sebastian’s
Henry became a great success with the navy and secured his station in the world. One particularly beautiful night, he and four friends decided on a pub crawl that would change his life forever. This night was filled with conversation, laughter, and endless libations. And the women were flirting and deciding which of his friends would be escorting them home, if not Henry. He felt that this was the best night of his life and then he saw her—a radiantly beautiful woman with charming green eyes and the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. He was beside himself with this enchantress. He had to know her name at least, so he walked over to her, kissed her hand and bowed low with minimal balancing issues. The woman giggled and introduced herself as Helena, at which time Henry introduced himself and offered to escort her home. Henry was sure he went too far in his proposal, but to his surprise, Helena accepted and grabbed his arm. There are no words to describe the intense pleasure Henry was given. There were certain instances that he could barely remember as well. As he woke during the day, the maid escorted him out and told him that the lady would visit the same pub again this evening. This small courtship continued for three more nights. Helena revealed her true nature to Henry and gave him the choice of either keeping her secrets and sharing a new life that would bring him untold riches and immortality or he would be a four-course meal. Henry decided he wanted a new life with his newly found benefactor.


Henry Blevin

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