Gisela Martel



Apparent Age: 25
Striking Looks 4
5’4", 115 lbs
Brown hair, blue eyes
Graceful build
Race: Frankish
Clan: Mekhet

Embraced circa 780 AD.

Gisela Martel is the only sister to Carlo and Charlemagne. Her father Pepin loved her greatly, and gave her the same education, and shared his strategy with her. Charles often relied on her for wisdom as she is beautiful, shrewd and well versed in the affairs of the world. She is in fact the one that finally told Charles to divorce Desideratia and attack King Desiderius then marry Hildegard since the Princess could not have children. Gisela also convinced Adrian to pursue his ambitions in the Vatican as opposed to just being an Abbot is some backwater villa.

Akkadian noticed Gisela early on and observed her for some time before making her a ghoul. During her time as a ghoul she accomplished much, including furthering her brother’s ambitions, as well as those of Adrian. She is exceedingly beautiful and everyone seemed to assume she merely aged very well for the few years she was a ghoul.

Finally, it was determined by Akkadian that Gisela was a very worthy childe, despite no inclinations to follow the ways of either the Fir’awn or the Custos. She was embraced and apprenticed to the Akkadian for a decade before striking out on her own. She was warned to be very careful of the upcoming purge.


Gisela Martel

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