Hands of Destruction


Hands of Destruction

This Path is practiced most commonly by the various
thaumaturges of the Sabbat. Though it is not widely
seen outside that Sect, a few Camarilla Tremere have
managed to learn the secrets of this path over the centuries.
The Hands of Destruction has an infamous history,
and some Tremere refuse to practice it due to rumors
that it is demonic in origin.

• Decay
This power accelerates the decrepitude of its target,
causing it to wither, rot, or otherwise break down. The
target must be inanimate, though dead organic matter
can be affected.

System: If the roll is successful, the inanimate object
touched by the thaumaturge ages 10 years for every
minute the Kindred touches it. If the vampire breaks
physical contact and wishes to age the object again,
another blood point must be spent and another roll
must be made. This power does not affect vampires.

•• Gnarl Wood
This power warps and bends wooden objects.
Though the wood is otherwise undamaged, this power
often leaves the objects completely useless. This power
may also be used to swell or contract wood, in addition
to bending it into unwholesome shapes. Unlike
other powers of this path, Gnarl Wood requires merely
a glance rather than physical contact.

System: Fifty pounds or twenty-five kilograms of visible
wood may be gnarled for each blood point spent
on this power (the thaumaturge may expend as much
blood as she likes on this power, up to her per-turn
generational maximum). It is also possible to warp
multiple visible objects — like all the stakes a team of
vampire-hunters wields.

••• Acidic Touch
The vampire secretes a bilious, acidic fluid from any
portion of his body. The viscous acid corrodes metal,
destroys wood, and causes horrendous chemical burns
to living tissue.

System: The player spends one blood point to create
the acid — the blood literally transmutes into the volatile
secretion. One blood point creates enough acid to
burn through a quarter-inch or half a centimeter of steel
plate or three inches (seven centimeters) of wood. The
damage from an acid-augmented hand-to-hand attack
is aggravated and costs one blood point per turn to use.
A thaumaturge is immune to her own acidic touch.

•••• Atrophy
This power withers a victim’s limb, leaving only a desiccated,
almost mummified husk of bone and skin. The effects
are instantaneous; in mortals, they are also irreversible.

System: The victim may resist the effects of Atrophy
by scoring three or more successes on a Stamina + Athletics
roll (difficulty 8). Failure means the limb is permanently
and completely crippled. Partial resistance
is possible: One success indicates that the difficulty of
any roll involving the use of the arm increases by two,
though these effects are still permanent with regard to
mortals. Two successes signify that difficulties increase
by one. Vampires afflicted by this power may spend five
blood points to rejuvenate atrophied limbs. Mortals are
permanently crippled. This power affects only limbs or
parts of limbs (arms, legs, hands); it does not work on
victims’ heads, torsos, etc.

••••• Turn to Dust
This fearsome power accelerates decrepitude in its
victims. Mortals literally age at the mere touch of a
skilled thaumaturge, gaining decades in moments.
System: Each success on the roll ages the victim by
10 years. A potential victim may resist with a Stamina
+ Courage roll (difficulty 8), but must accumulate
more successes than the caster’s activation roll — it’s
an all-or-nothing affair. If the victim succeeds, he does
not age at all. If he does not acquire more successes
than the thaumaturge, he ages the full amount. Obviously,
this power, while it affects vampires, has no detrimental
effect on them (they’re immortal). At most, a
Kindred victim grows paler and withers slightly (-1 to
Appearance) for one night.


Hands of Destruction

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