Custos Gnaritas


Custos Gnaritas

Not many kindred outside of the Custos Gnaritas know of its existence. Even fewer know that it contains members who are not kindred, through every level of the hierarchy. The Custos Gnaritas exists to ensure that what was is not lost.

It is said that the Custos Gnaritas started in ancient Rome, possibly a century before the birth of Jesus, although some suspect that it is much older. Allegedly, a small group started to make provisions to catalogue and retain knowledge over vast periods of time. This group was headed by the original (and it is whispered still current) Baphomet but included some other impressive talent from in and around Rome. Some say only the Ipsimus know the identity of the Baphomet and the origin of the covenant and others assert that not even the Counsel of Nine knows.

The Custos Gnaritas philosophy is that existence may be fleeting, even for the immortals, but knowledge should be eternal. This includes all sources of knowledge from books and scrolls to cataloguing verbal information and protecting the very old and wise who hold secrets of times long past. In exchange for protection, those with the roll of Scribe in the covenant seek to interview and record on papyrus or other medium tidbits of lore.

Members of this covenant place the preservation of knowledge above all things. The needs of the many out-weight the needs of the few and faced with the situation of a substantial knowledge loss or the loss of themselves, sacrifices must be made, whether it be my a Protector, Scribe or even higher levels.

Custos temple


The Ipsimus:
Kindred – Plato the Mekhet (childe of The Akkadian)
Mage – Marduk the Atlantian
Daemon – Raziel the Melekh
Uratha – Hezbe’claw and the Get of Romulus
Spirit – Nachushtan the serpent of secret wisdom
Mortal – Figulus the Wise
Qashmallim – Chokma
Geist – Nemesis of Rhumnasia
Promethean – Zvezda the Cursed
Changeling – permanent vacancy

Status—Custos Gnaritas
1. Protector: receives up to resources 3 of support and a retainer 1 in their journeys, they also have access to the safe-house armory;

2. Keeper: receives resources 4 of support and 3 retainers to assist them. they also have access to grand library and database for the custodians with clearance 1 (of 3) of info. they may also buy encyclopedic knowledge at a 1 XP discount even after character creation;

3. Scribe: receives resources 5 of support, and has a retinue of 12 retainers. They must use these resources to maintain the safe-house and the order. They also can purchase out of clan/house abilities etc, for Desired Level X 6 as opposed to 7 due to the vast knowledge base they can draw from;

4. Archon: receives Resources 6 and have 20 retainers on call, all directed to the order. They also focus on honing both the body and the mind, and at this level receive either a free attribute dot in Intelligence or Stamina, and receive a free permanent Willpower Point. The Archons take direct orders from the Council of the Ipsimus;

5. Ipsimus: Once a member of the Council of the Ipsimus, you may buy all gifts/disciplines as though they are in house/clan/tribe etc. You also receive Resources 7, and retainers 25. You also direct all members of the Covenant, though usually only direct Archons and expect delegation.

Archons of Note:
Necros, Nosferatu of Rome

Locations of Knowledge
Serapeum (Alexandria, Egypt)—temporary storehouse until Temple of the Akkadian is complete;
Al-asqa-fir’awn (Turkey)
Temple of the Akkadian (modern day Iraq) when completed
Temple of Serapis (Rome)

Custos Gnaritas

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