Wyatt Shoemaker

8th Generation, Trireme


Clan: Trireme
Discipline: Path of Technomancy
Nature: scociopath
Demeanor: Loner
Concept: Software Developer


Born in Sacramento, Wyatt always had a love and passion for computers, throughout school he took many philosophy and physiology classes along with programming and computing courses. Being very introverted, he devoted his free time to learned the art of programming. After many years of refining his programming and becoming ever more efficient he got a job right out of college with a company that didn’t have the best reputation but had the pay he needed to pay off his debts. The company, he learned later on, resorted to hacking make the majority of their money. Although he felt guilty, he learned how to hack and did so for about 3 years for the company. He became very proficient and by the time he was turned into the vampire he was able to find many jobs for black mailing, wiring money, tracking and many other 21st century technology related tasks.

Born into a fairly aristocratic family, he always had some luxury’s in his childhood, strangely enough, he hated these non-necessities and often tried to hide his families wealth, always feeling privileged. After his Parents died and all of the wealth went to his aunts and uncles or his cousins, he felt an unnatural surge for the want and need for wealth. His goal, as a freelance programmer has been to simply, get as rich as possible. He makes efforts to hide his goals, he is still self conscious about his intentions.

Wyatt Shoemaker

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