True Brujah, Sire of Raul


Raakel is a true ancient and former resident of Athens. No one knows her exact time or date of birth but she was a well known scholar and intellectual in Greece.

In the human world of ancient Greece, women were not permitted to hold the role of scholar but the kindred world was far different. Raakel was recognized for her incredible intellect and her kindness.

Raakel’s history for at least 2,000 years is unclear but she did surface in Miami in the 2000s under the assumed named Rachel Givens. There she met another who seemed to fit the True Brujah ideals very well: Raul Santiago.

True Brujah are very rare, in fact almost unhead of in present day. Many claim to be simply Brujah or even Ventrue to avoid detection.

A few years after embracing Raul, she told Raul she would return within the next couple of decades. To her that seems a short time but to Raul perhaps longer.

Raakel’s parting words were to support David Talbot. David embodies ideals that the True Brujah support, even as David is a Gangrel. Raakel did promise she had countless secrets to share with Raul upon her return…



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