Olive la Fou

Malkavian, Sire of Joel


Olive’s origins are somewhat unclear. She is clearly remembered however as a fledgling in Paris in the 1960s. There she was an aspiring writer and created some brilliant short works. Her frustration mounted however the lack of full acceptance. Some said there was something disturbing about those works.

Olive continued a descent into madness that caused her to be known to French authorities as the Disco Serial Killer. She was never caught or charged.

In the 1980s Olive moved to a Miami city that captured much of the feel that she craved. Visceral, upbeat and a little strange. She has resided there ever since.

Several years ago Olive stumbled onto a kindred spirit in Joel Edward. She brutalized him physically and mentally which he seemed to enjoy. He quickly went from victim to love and she embraced him. After embracing him however something in her further snapped and she now has very little contact with Joel. She seemed very upset that Joel prefers men…


Olive la Fou

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