Joel Edwards



Age: 22
Apparent Age: 19
Date of Birth: June 20, 1995
R.I.P: October 31, 2014
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Merica
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 170lb.
Sex: Male

Joel is an attractive kid. He would fit into any scene were it not for his cold dead eyes and a demeanor that imparts a dark past. Joel is no stranger to hardship. He lived on the streets most of his life—selling drugs, prostituting, or stealing what he could. His Malkavian sire chose wisely, and Joel lives on in undeath with a few quirks that don’t quite register as normal.




Emily Edwards was seventeen when she gave birth to a son one summer night. The birth was relatively simple considering her destitute situation. Emily was homeless, on crack, and living in a subterranean community below the city of Houston, Texas. The drugs she had taken made for a great pain-reliever, but Mama Ruby was the real reason for the ease of Joel’s birth. Mama Ruby was the medicine woman in the community, and she was responsible for many deliveries in this subculture. Joel was underweight but healthy, and Mama Ruby took care of him for the first three months of his life. Emily was rarely reliable to take care of herself, much less a newborn. Mama Ruby was never far from Joel for the first few years he lived in the community.
By age five, he was an accomplished thief and was beginning to understand the subtle art of drug trade amongst the community. He became part of the drug trafficking throughout the city. Joel knows way too much about Mexican drug cartels, the mafia, and human trafficking in southern Texas.
At age fourteen, Joel’s mother was found dead in the carved out box-spring of a hotel bed. The cause of death was an overdose before being strangled to death by a very large pair of hands. Joel identified his mother and received her belongings, which included a pack of condoms, $175, and a small pocket knife. Joel bought a bus ticket to Miami and began his dark journey into self-harm and a quite lucrative business of peddling his ass.
Miami was the perfect place for a maladjusted teen with no supervision. Joel quickly became part of the subculture, not knowing that half of his friends were Nosferatu in disguise. Disposable pleasures were Joel’s life. He had money, an apartment, and friends that understood him.


One of Joel’s clients brought him to Paris for a week of debauchery and shopping. It was during this trip that he met a quircky girl named Olive who lived in Miami. Joel was drawn to her absolute hedonism and they ended up being great friends by the end of the trip. Olive invited Joel to her house in Miami and the rest is history.
Olive lured Joel into her house with drugs and booze and the promise of money. Little did Joel know, the next four months would be shackled in what seemed like a dungeon. Periodically, Olive would entertain herself by torturing poor Joel to the brink of death. Joel was less concerned with the torture and more concerned with how much money he was going to lose from being kept for so long in one place. Olive loved the resillience Joel displayed. She fell in love with him, whatever love means to a complete psycho-killer.

Joel’s embrace happened at the very brink of his true death by the hands of Olive. The sweet nectar of her Malkavian blood changed his body and mind. Joel felt the enlightenment of madness wash over him. He felt the clarity of chaos calm his inner demons. His life had meaning now, and he was going to share that meaning with the vampire world—whether it wanted this knowledge or not. Joel would be the guiding light for those who needed another way to true enlightenment. And he owed everything to Olive, well, except love and devotion. The Dark Gift gave him delicious powers to cenceal himself from the world, and his vampire eyes could discern the very emotions of the people and Kindred around him. Joel also could bend the minds of others—either to madness or a more pliant victim. These delicious powers and a whole new world of darkness were the perfect platform for a misunderstood Malkavian in Miami, Florida.


Joel Edwards

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