James Lafayette

Tremere, Sire of Wyatt


James started life in the 1920s as a city boy in NYC. By 1943 he was off to WWII. As part of the fight for Italy, James found himself separated from his comrades. Tired and hungry he stumbled into a farm house in an isolated part of Northern Italy near Switzerland. Little did he know that he had discovered a Tremere Chantry.

At first the decision was to to add James to the menu but his incredible intelligence made the chantry change that plan. After years of training in Italy he was sent to lead the Chantry in Miami. There he found an exceptionally gifted hacker, Wyatt.

After befriending Wyatt the idea was planted that Wyatt could do more. Wyatt was intrigued and was embraced. After a few years of training, James was transferred to lead the very important LA Chantry, leaving another James (James Gaul) in charge.

Wyatt was left behind for his first independent assignment. Closely aligned to David Talbot, James Lafayette promised Wyatt’s services to David’s cause. This has caused some consternation with the new chantry leader, James Gaul.


James Lafayette

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