Brujah, Sire of Emeric (Destroyed)


Allred began life in the early 1840s as a miscreant and thief in West Texas. He later joined the Confederate Army in the Civil War. During this time he was wounded at the Battle of Atlanta. He awoke in a room with a genteel woman known only as The Yalindal. She would nurse him back to health and give him the choice she never had…

Decades of influence from The Yalindal led to a more civilized Allred and by the late 1980s he was one of the most reasonable voices among the Brujah. He later met and befriended David Talbot. After the events in NYC he swore to David that he would help rebuild kindred society as it should be.

Allred’s new fledgling, Emeric, joined in that pledge and is now closely tied to David Talbot.

Allred was later killed in a confrontation with Diega and many of her henchmen. He perished saving many others, including Emeric.



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